half the country away (only two states separate me from southern california) there are people meeting. the genital general convention of the episcopal church is meeting near disney land. it is a train wreck happening. the engine is off the track. the conductor is still sounding the “all clear.” many of the passengers are delighted at the menu items they’re seeing in the club car. they imagine they will arrive at their destination and that, besides believing they are being faithful, “all is well.”

in remembering my emotional and spiritual responses to the general conventions of 2003 and 2006, i have discerned that to follow the goings-on of this meeting is injurious to me. however, i will pray (and i invite all to pray) for those in attendance: the very few orthodox, the many heterodox, the scores of heretics, and the heresiarchs whose diverse penchants lead the unwitting astray.

may God have mercy on us. may we hear His mercy.


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  1. Tregonsee Says:

    Flip Wilson had a character, the Reverend LeRoy, who was pastor of “The church of what’s happening now.” He must have been an Episcopalian. It is amazing how this has happened in much less than 2 generations.

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