mid-Lent diversion…

because this is the Hallelujah chorus (thus in Hebrew) it is allowed during Western Lent. It is the Latin word that is not used… 😉

a most holy Lent to all.


4 Responses to “mid-Lent diversion…”

  1. Fr. Andrew Says:

    Ironically, it’s in Lent that the East kicks the Alleluias up a notch, most notably with a triple Alleluia in daily Matins replacing “God is the Lord” near the beginning of the service.

  2. dpc+ Says:

    Is it irony or truth? And yet another reason is added to the ever more extensive list of “Why the East is better than the West”… 😉

  3. Fr. Andrew Says:

    Ssh! The Western Rite fundamentalists will get you!

  4. dpc+ Says:

    hmm. I do know a few of them. but, I’ll let the comment stand.

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