exotic coffee

I’ve been too occupied with other things to even roast coffee lately, and with a small break here during Christmas I found a few minutes to crank it back up. I’ve made some very nice Yirgacheffe and am about to roast a Bourbon… While exploring my next purchase I got to wondering (having seen the bucket list a short while ago) about that bizarre coffee the Nicholson character was drinking. I ran across this article which has a) put me in a very good mood, b) made me want to write in a humorous vein again, and c) made me NEVER want to try this very strange beverage…

Read it all here. Warning: do not have anything in your mouth as you read this article.


One Response to “exotic coffee”

  1. Robert Easter Says:

    Ya know, remembering a rumored old Mexican trick of packaging abono de caballos as marijuana, who knows? Maybe add enough snob appeal to the eco-guilt and the next-generation Starbucks could make a fortune and subsidise the chicken & pig growers at the same time! Fancy a full-bodied, French roast Hampshire first thing in the morning?

    Come to think of it, make sure the barrista shows you the beans next time ya order!

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