Advent Conspiracy

This is very near to my heart.

A Meaningful Advent = A Glorious Christmas


2 Responses to “Advent Conspiracy”

  1. Robert Easter Says:

    Padre, that is so right! Blessings on ya, all!

    One of the folks at the church here went back home to Sudan, first time since his escape as a young child, so see his mother living in a little village whose only water source was a muddy creek downstream from the next village’s cattle, so yeah, that does hit home!

    Come to think of it, now, how much money have I spent on gifts: toys that wound up on the bottom of the box, or tools for a career that was abandoned? Balance thousands spent to pennies actually “received?” Hm. Multiply that by a nation of likewise indulgent parents, and I’m starting to see a picture here!

  2. dpc+ Says:

    When I saw that graphic of the difference between what it would cost to clean the water and what we spend on Christmas presents… thanks for the encouragement. Oh, and I’ll look at the CV. 😉

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