Bishop-elect thinks “unity” is all that’s wrong…

A new problem north of me:

Carolyn Hearn, the diocese’s executive secretary, said none of the nominees for bishop was inclined toward anything but Episcopal unity.

Especially the winner.

A native Texan and a 1977 graduate of Texas Tech University, Mayer, 53, said he was committed to the historical oneness of the church.

“I think we’re moving out of all that,” Mayer said of the fallout from the 2003 consecration of V. Gene Robinson, the church’s first openly gay bishop. “I would say that right now unity is the biggest issue facing the Episcopal Church.”

I don’t dispute that the problem is manifested as a unity issue; however the underlying cause of the disunity is heresy errant belief. How can a mind hold, believe, and live out mutually exclusive ideas? I know there are some who want to go back and compare our present situation with the Eucharistic Controversy of  Elisabeth’s era (Puritans vs Catholics) which, btw has never been resolved–witness the growing interest in “lay presidency” in Sydney. But that isn’t the same… Nor is this the same as merely tolerating “fuzzy thinking” (a phrase embraced by Bill Burill, a former bishop of Rochester, NY) or merely gray areas in theology.

Check it out here.


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