a great reminder

There is so much at stake in this election today. Surely we know that this transcends merely being “Catholic.”

While neither candidate is Consistent and neither party is wholly pro Life, please, vote for as much Life as you can.


3 Responses to “a great reminder”

  1. shevaberakhot Says:

    Around 48 million lives have been lost in the wake of Roe versus Wade yet mainstream Christianity has been utterly powerless to bring about positive change because it is split along red Church blue Church lines. You might want to read Father Stephen’s very relevant commentary on The Death of Religion.

  2. dpc+ Says:

    Thank you “shevaberakhot.” Fr. Stephen is one of my favorite blogs and I did read that piece. A wonderful analysis, succinct and pithy and True. That is why those of us who subscribe to the Consistent Ethic of Life must forge our own way and not succumb to any of the parties which can/do not choose Life. That is also how we will overcome the potential for despair when the world makes choices that are not about Life.
    Glad for you to visit and comment.

  3. shevaberakhot Says:

    Thankyou Father. I have to say, my understanding of what it means to be Catholic, has been radically transformed, this is beginning to look very much like a Jubilee year. Kyrie eleison to you and your wife.

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