Op-Ed NYT folks say what they’ll miss in W

I was prepared for the usual elite media bias. I was pleasantly surprised at several of these pieces which describe the President in ways that we haven’t heard before.

Loyal to a Fault

A Clear View

In Good Faith

What I will miss most about George W. Bush as president is his sincere concern for promoting human dignity.

I was at his side when he met with defectors from North Korean forced-labor camps, listened to firsthand accounts of the unconscionable atrocities Saddam Hussein committed, shared the elation of women freed from the injustices of the Taliban, worked to dramatically increase government funding to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa, and pressed other world leaders to stop genocide in Darfur. The compassion President Bush showed for the oppressed and suffering in these moments was inspiring.

It also helped obscure his flaws to those of us who worked for him, making it difficult for us to realize that his presidency was veering off course.

While he did not always choose wisely in his efforts to advance human dignity, his motives were genuine. And in those somber moments when he visited wounded troops or families of those who’d made the ultimate sacrifice, I saw — ever so briefly — a glimmer of self-doubt.

President Bush bears responsibility for the consequences of the war he chose to wage in Iraq. But alongside his profound flaws and the mistakes he made, I can also see and respect his inner decency. Let’s hope the next president will share his passion for human dignity — and also find ways to express it with greater wisdom and judgment.

The first two are (imho) the best, but read them all

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