Geo Conger analysis of Lambeth ’08 and tec

I found this to be quite illuminating. There is much in this article that would be classified as reporting, and yet there is also appropriate interpretation (imo) as well.

THAT THERE will be no real change in business as usual, Lambeth notwithstanding, was further made clear on September 18, when Bishop Jefferts Schori presided over a House of Bishops’ meeting that voted to depose conservative Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan.

Acting only five days after being formally notified that the matter would be considered at the HOB meeting in Salt Lake City, U.S. prelates agreed that Duncan had “abandoned the communion” of TEC by holding that his diocese may realign with another part of the Anglican Communion – to which TEC still claims to belong. The Pittsburgh diocese was not due to vote on realignment until October 4.

The move to defrock this leading U.S. defender of the historic faith effectively ended the “season of gracious restraint,” and repudiated Dr. Williams’ authority.

Please take the time to read and digest it all…


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