problems with protestants

Here’s an interesting article from over in Beaumont. (Nice to see my old friend Fr. Frank Fuller being quoted in this!)

Read it all here.

Conrad’s enthusiasm seems to spill over into his job as a church planter – the vocational combination of both an entrepreneur and pastor.

For the past seven months, he’s been raising both fiscal and human capital in order to start NewSong Covenant Church in Beaumont.

In order to plant the non-denominational NewSong, Conrad drew on his experience as a former planter for the Episcopal Church.

Originally from outside Pittsburgh, Pa., he and his wife wound up in Beaumont after starting several churches in South Carolina and Missouri, as well as two in Austin.

Hat tip to Greg at Stand Firm

Grammar gaffs aside, I struggle with the seemingly complete absence of ecclesiology. To whom is he/are they accountable? To God alone? We’ve had loads of experience with that and know where it ends up. Where is their sense of the Body of Christ? I’m all for priests being innovative and entrepreneurial and positive; but here’s another enthusiastic pastor with an underdeveloped theological foundation. And so I ask: upon what is he building? If someone says “Jesus!” then I ask, “How so?” Where are the marks (the indicators) of His Body?

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