“Dear Mr. Obama…”


3 Responses to ““Dear Mr. Obama…””

  1. Robert Easter Says:

    Now, that is a moving spot!

    To be fair, though, the Left has not lost its will to fight. They fight constantly against the poor of this country and the world, they fight against little children, working dads, the unborn and the defenseless and the disenfranchised both here and abroad, all in the name of progress and tolerance, and even in the name of those whom they are fighting to destroy. And millions today would rather nap in their murderous laps than wake up and notice the knife in the very hand that is now stroking their ears.

  2. dpc+ Says:

    Gosh, for a second it sounded like you were talking about the leadership of tec (or any ‘mainline denomination’), rather than the dems… course there’s not much difference is there?

  3. Robert Easter Says:

    Ya know, I figger I study too much now without trying to parse that one out. SSDD- Same spirit, different dudes! Ya doing good?

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