hiatus… and respite


We fly to Manchester NH on Saturday. Sunday morning Beautiful Wife and Delightful Daughter will drop Beloved Son and me off where I-93 intersects the Appalachian Trail. Beloved Son and I will start at Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire (this is a neat map with some explanation) and we’ll walk as far as we can in about 10 days through the White Mountains and the Presidential Range. I’d like to get to Grafton Notch in Maine but that’s about 120 miles. We plan to use a new breed of Hammock rather than a tent. We’ll have to hunt for water (use a water filter) and we’ll be carrying all our food. Our packs are right at 40 lbs each. I’m excited about walking Mt Washington.
Beautiful Wife is wanting us to carry a camera to record our trek. And we will walk…

I’m really doing this to be with my son, for an extended period, away from “it all.” He’s now a junior in high school (16 in Aug) will be leaving us all-too-soon and I have desired and worked to have a better relationship with my son than I had with my father. And I have been and am doing something about it.

Would you please keep us in your prayers? For safety (to be sure!!) and for our feet, but also that our time will be of such a caliber and of such quality that it will be a cementing time for him and me for the rest of our life together.


Fr. Hosea

One Response to “hiatus… and respite”

  1. FrGregACCA Says:

    Prayer? Of course, Father. U got it. Sounds like great fun. BTW, hope you are in fact carrying a camera and will post pixs on the blog when you return.

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