(yet another) American Episcopal parish joins Church of Uganda

I’d really, really rather be watching BSG… sigh

By Raymond Baguma

PROTESTING homosexuality, a parish from the Episcopal Church of America has broken ties with its mother church and joined the Church of Uganda.

The diocese of the Rio Grande announced in a statement last week that the Vicar, Rev. Fred Griffin and the congregation of the Church of the Ascension in Cloudcroft, in the state of New Mexico had joined the Anglican Province of Uganda.

A number of dioceses and churches in the US have over the last few years joined the Anglican Communion in Africa and Asia, in protest at the consecration of a homosexual, Gene Robinson, as bishop in 2003.

The Alamogordo Daily News reported that representatives of Cloudcroft Church met officials of their diocese and had held a final service. The parish is also to vacate its former premises.

The Episcopal Church announced that it would continue to oversee the vacated premises and services will continue to be held there. The Rev. Brian Winter, a member of the Rio Grande diocese’s standing committee, said a number of pastors will be rotated to serve, until a replacement can be found.

Published on: Saturday, 12th April, 2008 in the Sunday Vision online


2 Responses to “(yet another) American Episcopal parish joins Church of Uganda”

  1. Tregonsee Says:

    >>I’d really, really rather be watching BSG… sigh

    There, the Good Guys are the polytheists. 😉

  2. dpc+ Says:

    I have noticed that: but they’re going to come around, I can just feel it!
    Another point about why I’d rather be watching BSG is they aren’t pretending they’re not polytheists, while the unitarians and montanists of tec are trying to convince us they’re still christian…

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