Maundy Thursday

The very few people who attended this evening heard something like this:
God is love.
Love is a verb and requires more than one person.
What does love look like?
Jesus did two things to demonstrate “love.” He will later state that there is no greater love than a man lay down his life for another
He showed us laying down His life by saying that we must gather together and break bread and help each other understand Scripture and pray for one another and worship together. Fr. Schmemann says that we are the church. If we don’t come together the church isn’t. And so on the night the disciples fled and were scattered Jesus said, in spite of your fears and your antipathy for each other, come together to be my Body. Do this to re-member me.
And the second thing he did was show them a parable. The greatest must be the least. Be humble. And he demonstrated what that love looked like by serving them. He endured the humiliation of taking their feet into his hands and he washed them.
He did it during supper. He did it before Judas left. No one is outside the pail of God’s love and hope. God hopes for all of us. Jesus held out to the last minute and you could even make a case for Jesus giving Judas an out by not specifying the betrayal. God do whatever it is you’re going to do. That wasn’t fatalist. That was predetermined. That was so open-ended that Judas could have gone and given some of the money to the poor. Judas could have gone and come back in a little while and said, Hey guys I found a great sale on pita bread and hummus at the store! We’re going to have a great feast this Passover!
But he didn’t. And Jesus washed his feet.
So. Even if you haven’t been completely reconciled with someone here tonight. Even if they betray you tomorrow. Love. Love them and serve them. We think that the least among us are the children or the poor. But the least among us are the ones who need God most and if they need God the most then they’re probably not the nicest folks. And we need to love them and serve them and wash their feet.
That’s what tonight is about.


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