fast or good?

Can we have it both ways? I was in San Antonio last weekend for our Diocesan Convention and was asked to purchase some beans for a friend. And when I go I usually order my usual (a “quad con panna”). It was about 9pm. The store was absolutely full of teens, as was the sidewalk. There was no way. If Starbucks wants to return to the romance of yesterday they should eliminate the ultra-sweet kiddy beverages (well, maybe keep the hot apple cider and hot chocolate) and get back to good coffee.

starbucklogo_top.gifIn its campaign to revive the intimate, friendly feel of a neighborhood coffee shop, Starbucks orchestrated the closing of 7,100 of its American stores at precisely 5:30 p.m. for a three-hour retraining session for employees.

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2 Responses to “fast or good?”

  1. FrGregACCA Says:

    I sort of think of Starbucks as the Wal-Mart of the coffee world; unfortunately, the analogy fails when it comes to Starbucks’ prices. Me, I’ll pretty much drink anything when it comes to coffee, as long as it has some sugar and cream (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) in it.

  2. dpc+ Says:

    Sugar and Cream???!!! When asked that at restaurants or folks’ homes I usually respond, “only if it needs it.”
    I started drinking “a little coffee with my cream and sugar.” But as I watched the cream/milk/half&half turn before the date on the carton and as I noticed the number of spoonsfull of empty calories dumped in the cup I slowly and intentionally began to cut back. I now drink straight espresso for the most part. Coffee is just too thin… And the darker the roast the better I like it. (Although I did let one batch turn to charcoal and that wasn’t pleasant to drink at all–shudder!)
    I actually like sampling the single source beans that come through Starbucks. For isntance the Sidamo that they sell is labeled “bold” which is Starbucks for dark roast. But it really is only just past medium. I found that if I roast the Sidamo I can push it into a darker roast and get a very exotic cup of coffee and an exquisite espresso.
    You’re absolutely right about the prices, which is why I started roasting my own in the first place. (No, really; it wasn’t a control thing at all…)

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