In light of much

hosea.jpgThere’s way too much traffic that has to do with dubious theologies–some merely heterodox and others clearly heretical–around the term “restorative.” And so, thanks to the insight of a distant friend, I’ll see how the new name goes…

Your prayers are sought.


5 Responses to “In light of much”

  1. Robert Easter Says:

    Fr. Hosea?? Surely you don’t have that kind of troubles!

  2. dpc+ Says:

    Nice to hear from you Robert! All priests who would serve the Holy and Living God and who belong to tec would do well to read and study the context in which God’s prophet Hosea lived.

  3. FrGregACCA Says:

    While I understand the change, I would note that there is a difference between restoration within the Church (think, for example, the over half-century of struggle with Arianism) and the restoration of the Church, the latter being the notion, I am sure, with which you are contending in making this change.

  4. Robert Easter Says:

    Thanks, Fr. David, I’ll have to do a study on that!

    Still no improvements in the Tamale Department, eh?

    Blessings on you all!!!

  5. dpc+ Says:

    Fr. Gregory, you’re always so insightful. That is precisely the kind of distinction with which I am contending. Sometimes I’m too opaque and obtuse… ;–)

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