Patriarch tells PACE truth

Hat tip to the Webelf!

“The bulk of the Patriarch’s speech, however, spoke to the threat to Europe’s Christian values through secularism and an antinomian view of human rights. European culture had witnessed a “break between human rights and morality, and this break threatens the European civilization.”

He reiterated the Russian Orthodox Church’s call for an alliance of traditionalist European Christians to reject the “new generation of rights that contradict morality” and are used to “justify immoral behavior.”

Questioned by British Lib-Dem council member David Russell-Johnston about the [Orthodox] Church’s opposition to gay pride parades, Alexy said his Church viewed the parades as an advertisement for sin.

Homosexuality was [sic] an “illness” and a “distortion of the human personality like kleptomania,” he said. “Nobody must try to force me or my brothers and sisters in faith to be silent and [to prevent us from] using the word sin for something that is called sin in God’s Word,” the patriarch said.

Not original with me, I’ve long compared homosexuality to alcoholism. Kleptomania may be a better analogy. This was found here. Read it all and enjoy someone telling the Truth!


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