Fr. Stephen & cats

Fr. Stephen, in the midst of a wonderful comment on the spirituality of his waking/working day, left a remark (actually, he merely asked the question “Why does the cat annoy me?“) which resulted in a very interesting series of comments. I remembered a passage from C.S. Lewis which explains some of my thoughts about cats and share them here, rather than there.

“Now, Ginger,” said the Captain. “Enough of that noise. Tell them what
thou hast seen.”

“Aii – Aii – Aaow – Awah,” screamed the Cat.

“Art thou not called a Talking Beast?” said the Captain. “Then hold thy
devilish noise and talk.”

What followed was rather horrible. Tirian felt quite certain (and so did
the others) that the Cat was trying to say something: but nothing came out
of his mouth except the ordinary, ugly cat-noises you might hear from any
angry or frightened old Tom in a backyard in England. And the longer he
caterwauled the less like a Talking Beast he looked. Uneasy whimperings
and little sharp squeals broke out from among the other Animals.

“Look, look!” said the voice of the Bear. “It can’t talk. It has forgotten
how to talk! It has gone back to being a dumb beast. Look at its face.”
Everyone saw that it was true. And then the greatest terror of all fell
upon those Narnians. For every one of them had been taught – when it was
only a chick or a puppy or a cub – how Aslan at the beginning of the world
had turned the beasts of Narnia into Talking Beasts and warned them that
if they weren’t good they might one day be turned back again and be like
the poor witless animals one meets in other countries.”


2 Responses to “Fr. Stephen & cats”

  1. fatherstephen Says:

    Interesting. My cat is named Ginger. Hmmmm.

  2. dpc+ Says:

    It is an exceedingly small world isn’t it?
    Father, bless. Thanks for your presence. And thanks for the writing you do.

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