nuts ‘r optional

I’ve been suffering through “Motecuhzoma’s revenge” for the last 24 hours or so (my family and several friends decided to leave the country and celebrate “independence day” in Old Mexico; the food was great, but we think there may have been something a little ‘off’ with the Mole). And so I’ve been catching up on some reading… There’s a “conversation” (read: free-for-all) happening over at Stand Firm re. a new line of products they’re offering up for sale. The laughing was both helpful and, eh-hem, cathartic… In the midst of it all, I ran into the following recipe-too good to not pass on:

Episcopal Fudge:
Any old ingredients will do. The Episcopal Church is an inclusive church and we feel that listing specific ingredients puts the cook in an “awfully small box.” Just throw whatever is handy into a pot of any size and mix as well you wish to. Cook for as long as you want
at any temperature that blows your skirt up. When it looks ready, pour onto any surface and allow to cool. Cut into squares, triangles, rectangles, parallelograms or any other shape and serve. Enjoy!

Note: Some people might say your fudge tastes like crap. Pay no attention to them. They are vile, un-Christian, fundamentalist, fudge-ophobic bigots. Remember, Jesus said absolutely nothing about fudge recipes!

offered up by “the snarkster” (go down about 50 comments)


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