they should know

Pots and kettles is not what’s going on here. This is history, and the fact that some aren’t willing to remember history seems to indicate that it will be repeated. The US should pay attention–the Germans have it right here. I also appreciate how they’re willing to be specific about their criticism of Scientology. It is a cult and it is totalitarian. Hollywood has helped hoodwink us. As the article concludes, “Tom Cruise is not just an actor who is a Scientologist,” Ms. Caberta said. “He is an ambassador for Scientology. All totalitarian systems have their celebrities to open doors for them.”

read for yourself

“Josef Joffe, a German journalist who has criticized what he views as the German “obsession” with Scientology, said that in this case the combination of star and subject was simply too combustible. “Stauffenberg for Germans is like Jefferson and Lincoln, motherhood, and apple pie all rolled into one,” he said in an interview. “Germany is a country of established churches, and so Scientology is viewed as a cult and, worse, totalitarian and exploitative. A professing Scientologist in the role of Stauffenberg is like casting Judas as Jesus. It is secular blasphemy.”

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