something called a “MeMe”

A wonderful, sometimes silly, friend invited me to participate in this thing they call a “me-me.” [Presumably because it’s all about “me”–hey! Maybe we should call it a “VGR” (those orthodox e’copalians know what I mean…)] I don’t have any one to bother [see “T”] with returning the favor, however I’ll include my answers here nevertheless.

A. Available or Single

Available only to my wife of 24+ years.


B- Best Friend.

A rare thing… my wife. I literally share everything with her. Then there are several Johns and a few Michaels. I’m trying to lay the groundwork for a “best friend” relationship with my son who is almost 15.


C- Cake or Pie.

Pie. Blueberry, Cherry, Apple: in that order.


D- Drink of Choice.

My home roasted coffee via my espresso machine. Val Verde Winery Tawny Port. Top Shelf, Reposada Tequila, neat. Good Bourbon (no: Jack Daniels is not bourbon).


E- Essential Item.

I don’t have any essential items.


F- Favorite Color.

I like them in combination with each other.


G- Gummi Bears or Worms.

Red rope licorice.


H- Hometown.

Carson City, Nev.


I- Indulgence.

My motorcycle. Playing Golf. My wonderful Taylor 810.


J – January or February.

I suppose January because Lent never begins in January.


K- Kids.

Four —14 year old boy, 11 year old girl, and two children who didn’t survive birth.


L- Life is incomplete without…

Christ and His Body.


M- Marriage Date.

May 14, 1983


N- Number of Siblings?

I’m the eldest of three brothers. (NB. not the “oldest” but the eldest)


O- Oranges or Apples?

Seville or Navel? Granny Smith, McIntosh or Golden Delicious? [see the axiom in “Q”]


P- Phobias/Fears.

I was once afraid to ride roller coasters.


Q- Favorite Quote.

David’s Axiom: “All things depend.” Also my friends in AA say “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”


R- Reasons to smile.

Love. Sunshine. Rainbows. Good music. Julie. my kids. Books, Friends. Hearts turning toward God. People embracing The Church.


S- Season(ing).

Spring (Curry)


T- Tag Three.

Don’t have three I’d saddle with this…


U- Unknown Fact About Me.



V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals.

Oppressor???!!! I’m an omnivore.


W- Worst Habit.



X- X-rays or Ultrasounds.

I don’t get it….


Y- Your Favorite Foods.

Northern Mexican Mole. My grandmother’s banana cake. Yogurt mixed with dried fruit and cashews. WheatThins.


Z- Zodiac.

The Sign of the Cross.


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