a quiz

I don’t remember where I found this. It isn’t new, but it is timely. 

1) Which religion was founded by a man who claimed to have had several conversations with an angel that no one else ever saw?

2) Which religion is founded on a book, the original version of which resides in heaven?

3) Which religion’s book has only one possible human author, and no way to judge its authenticity?

4) Which religion’s book is filled with all sorts of bizarre ideas which seem to come directly from the human “intermediary’s” personal experience and misunderstandings about Christianity?

5) Which religion’s book completely justifies the “prophet” against his foes?

6) Which religion comes as a “corrector” to all those “mistakes” in Christianity?

7) Which religion is strongly anti-Trinitarian and pro-Arian, while claiming to be the true inheritance of Jesus?

8 ) Which religion was immediately persecuted, so that the entire community fled to the desert?

9) Which religion claims to be the true religion of all mankind, while also claiming that one ethnic group is superior to all others?

10) Which religion is grossly misogynistic?

11) Which religion is expanding so quickly in the U.S., it claims to be our fastest growing religion?

If you answered both Mormonism and Islam to each of the above questions, you win!

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