“Last chronicle” in New Directions

I found this article while reading other really good material. The original can be found here.

Meeting in the Camp Allen Episcopal Conference Centre, Navasota, Texas the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church (HOB/TEC) issued the following interim statement:

The bishops have met in a spirit of mutual respect and graciousness. We have listened carefully to one another, graciously considered the differences between us and affirmed our desire to respond graciously, generously and adaptively to the recent Primates’ Communiqué.

In a gracious intervention Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts-Schori said that the Episcopal Church had an obligation to listen as graciously to its gay, lesbian, transsexual and transgendered members as it had to its divorced, remarried and adulterous members. The House of Bishops was unanimous in the decisions
which emerged from Camp Allen. In particular it was unanimous in graciously disagreeing on the following:
a) whether or not to respond to the Communiqué;
b) whether or not to declare a moratorium on the blessing of gay partnerships;
c) whether or not to deny consent to the election of gay bishops.
In a ‘Mind of the House’ resolution the bishops graciously rejected proposals for a Pastoral Council to oversee the ministry of a Primatial Vicar to care for dissentient parishes and dioceses. ‘The Episcopal Church is inclusive,’ said a senior spokesperson. ‘Gracious disagreement is what we do best. That is what we in the Episcopal Church call Unity.’


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