no theology… nor taste

Borg has always left a bad taste in my mouth whenever I read his literature. Now I have deeper insight into why. Albert Mohler has written this piece on one of the arch-heretics of tec.

Here is how The Oregonian introduces a profile on Marcus Borg:

Oregon’s leading theologian [sic!!] walks his dog up and down the trendy streets of the Pearl District. His neighbors know Henry, the shaggy gray Glen of Imaal terrier, whose short legs set the pace. But few recognize Marcus J. Borg, the graying guy in the wool cap, as the spokesman for a different approach to Jesus Christ.

At 64, Borg is a public theologian and a private mystic. He writes theological books, several of which have made best-seller lists, and he reads murder mysteries. He was trained at Oxford University, and he teaches at Oregon State. He lives in a neighborhood overflowing with espresso, and he drinks Taster’s Choice instant decaf.

Anyone who actually drinks “Taster’s Choice”… well, need we say more? This does not stoop to the level of personal attack. I have no grudge or ax to wield against those who would drink decaf. However the water-run-through-a-dirty-sock swill that those instant beverages produces is truly shameful. Roast your own decaf, for pity’s sake!!! And perhaps, just perhaps, if and when Borg begins to enjoy real coffee, perhaps he’ll encounter the real Jesus and embrace real Christianity. Not a certainty, but I’m willing to hope!


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