Welcome to blogging Jandy!

Someone whom I knew from a distance, a long time ago, and whom I continue to admire. She’s begun a new blog called “Just Genesis” and I’m looking forward to reading it. Here she describes why she’s begun to blog:

…”as I approach my 58th year on earth, I discover that my thoughts have clarified. My mind no longer runs after every white rabbit. My interests have distilled to this pot liquor. Some will not like the taste, but that’s okay. Thankfully, I’ve passed that time in my life when pleasing everyone mattered. What matters now is that I share what I’ve learned.

“Why should anyone care? Why should I care? This passion started when I was asked to teach Genesis to a group of women in Pennsylvania in 1983. I dutifully read, researched, produced a study guide and lead the class in a 15-week study. I tried to answer questions that some of the women asked, but found that many of the answers didn’t satisfy. They were the answers of men who wrote Bible commentaries, but who didn’t know the culture of the people of Genesis. I thought that knowing the culture was important. I’ve lived in many places: the South Pacific, Spain, Greece, and Iran. The people I befriended would not have become my friends if I hadn’t attempted to understand their cultures. Likewise, the figures of Genesis have become flesh and bone as I’ve attempted to understand key features of their culture.

“My mind was teased by all the unanswered questions also. You know the questions: “If Adam and Eve were the only people on earth, where did their sons find wives?” Or this question: “If the flood covered the entire surface of the earth, where did all that water go, seeing there is a fixed amount of water in the biosphere?”

“So, through reflection, research and a good number of serendipitous discoveries, I have created this blog dedicated to the continued exploration of Genesis…”

Go visit!


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