The grave marker!!!

This is just too, too, too clever and funny and spot-on accurate: please read this before you deign to watch the lost tomb silliness…

Thanks to the Pontificator.

4 Responses to “The grave marker!!!”

  1. Joee Blogs Says:

    LOOOOOOL this made me giggle lots!!!

    Just had a wee look around your blog. Reading your “who am I?” I can only imagine it must be spiritually tough, so I’ll offer compline for you this evening.


  2. dpc+ Says:

    Glad you giggled. Yes. Life in the empty church is truly tough. But the Lord is using it to make me more and more and more humble. Bless you.

  3. Joee Blogs Says:

    I’m sorry things are tough – it certainly sounds difficult. Perhaps one day you’ll cross the Tiber, you sound like a good thing and there’s always room for one more! (That’s a compliment by the way!).
    God Bless


  4. dpc+ Says:

    I took it that way: thank you.
    Tiber or Bosporus, difficult choice. An acquaintance friend, the Pontificator, swam the Tiber and I followed that journey closely… My studies are unfinished. But your prayers are welcome!

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