Why not just send money?

Is it worth investing in short-term missions that only last from one week to two years? Wouldn’t the thousands of dollars in plane fares be better spent mailed directly to the mission organization? Can short-term mission workers have any real impact, especially overseas?

Here are the reasons why I think short-term missions are so worthwhile:

read it all here

Besides the work I do in bringing mission teams to the Border, I am pretty regularly invited to participate in ministry abroad (mostly S.E. Mexico of late). I am now praying for discernment about whether I am to go to Argentina this spring. This article is helpful, especially points 3, 4 and 5.


One Response to “Why not just send money?”

  1. actofkindness Says:

    Along with the relationships that are developed and the encouragement that a short term team can be , By being “hands on” on location a team often finds and initiates projects that never would have happend if the money was just sent, It would be inconcevable to our workers in Kyrgyzstan to purchas houses and fill them with families living at the dump. But it happend. I could write for hours all the ways that sending a team makes an important impact.. but I am always back to to conclusion that many are just looking for an excuse not to go. The last person that said it would be better to just send the money, I replied.” This trip is costing Me $3000, I would be pleased to bring over Your check for $3000 and make sure it gets into the right hands” …. just what I thought …. alll talk.

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