a gloriously sardonic review

Warning: please suspend your beverage consumption until you’ve finished reading…

For Trinity Episcopal Clown College Church to put on a conference because they think that tens of millions of Americans are going to stop what they’re doing and do nothing but stare at the sky simply because of something they read in a work of fiction indicates just how completely out of touch liberals and especially liberal Episcopalians are.  But I like to be constructive around here so if TECCC is going to start regularly hosting conferences based on popular works of art, here are some suggestions for the future:

Establishing an Effective Hobbit Ministry
Mission to Mordor: Reaching Out to the Uruk-Hai
Developing the Elvish Standard Version of the Bible
Christian Ministry and the Prime Directive
Ordaining Klingons – Opposing Viewpoints
AAAAUUUGGH!! – Helping Your Congregation Through Pon Far
Should Christians Pray for Emperor Palpatine?
Leave Your Light Saber at the Door: Making Churches Safe for Jedi and Sith
Frozen Chosen – Spiritual Exercises While Frozen in Carbonite
Harry Potter and the Book of Common Prayer – Is Magic Appropriate in Rite Two?

Feel free to add your own ideas.

NB: It really is worth visiting Christopher’s site and reading the whole article and the comments. They’re really on a roll! 


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