Death is the great enemy

Today we commended a woman to God’s grace and care. It was a real privilege to preside over the celebration of her life. After several friends and relatives had eulogized her, I added my own remarks and concluded by saying

In the beginning, God made Adam and Eve to live with Him eternally. When sin interrupted that relationship Death was introduced into creation and our immortality was taken from us. Death is the great enemy, resulting from the sins of humanity. But thanks be to God, in our Lord Jesus Christ death has been vanquished. Eternal Death is abolished, trampled down. It is our trust and faith in Jesus Christ and His resurrection, in which He removed our sins and has taken away the consequence of our faults, that saves us. Bettye trusted in the Lord and had faith in His resurrection. What a glorious life we are able to celebrate! What a fantastic hope is ours! What a beautiful reason to give thanks to God and declare once again our faith, our hope, our trust and our love for the Lord in the ancient words of what we believe…

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