Losing count of the faithful defectors

I knew Fr. John when I was in Northern Ohio during the 90’s. He’s a fine priest. Read the whole story here. HT to T19.

Jorden said the Anglicans split with the Episcopalians because the Episcopalian denomination was becoming too liberal, and its interpretation of what the Bible means and how to apply it in today’s secular world was too fluid.

He said differences in doctrinal interpretation on the authority of scripture, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, and the principals of Anglicanism created a rift between the Episcopalians and the newly formed Anglican community.

“We rely on scripture, reason, and tradition,” Jorden said. “The new Episcopal church believes all truths are relative. Your truth is yours. Mine is mine. We believe there’s only one truth.”

Jorden’s uncompromising views on spirituality led him away from the Episcopal church back in 2005. Before that, he was an Episcopal priest for 20 years.

“It was over some of the issues where the national church was going and I was not in favor of it,” Jorden said. “It became a political struggle. A small group decided they wanted to go in another direction, so I resigned.”

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