more on lost innocence

Yesterday’s post about the Holy Innocents ended with a wonderful connection to an article about abortion. And that is the legacy of the Slaughter of the Innocents in which we live. Yet there are other ways that innocence is sacrificed. It isn’t very often that the NYTimes gets it really right; but this is one. I’m going to read more of Lawrence Downes’s material. This is to whet your appetite:

What surprised me, though, was how completely parents of even younger girls seem to have gotten in step with society’s march toward eroticized adolescence — either willingly or through abject surrender. And if parents give up, what can a school do? A teacher at the middle school later told me she had stopped chaperoning dances because she was put off by the boy-girl pelvic thrusting and had no way to stop it — the children wouldn’t listen to her and she had no authority to send anyone home. She guessed that if the school had tried to ban the sexy talent-show routines, parents would have been the first to complain, having shelled out for costumes and private dance lessons for their Little Miss Sunshines.

I’m sure that many parents see these routines as healthy fun, an exercise in self-esteem harmlessly heightened by glitter makeup and teeny skirts. Our girls are bratz, not slutz, they would argue, comfortable in the existence of a distinction.

But my parental brain rebels.

Here’s the link to the rest of this very important piece. I live in a culture (Border of Texas & Mexico) that is so permissive that I don’t frequent these events of which the article is speaking. In the JonBenet Ramsey culture in which I find myself, I am afraid for my daughter. She will turn ten in a few weeks, and I’m very concerned about what she’s being exposed to… and what others imagine is acceptable


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