They just don’t understand…

ludicrousThis is really too much…

“Two PCUSA churches in Louisiana merged, according to the Layman, and sold one church property to a local Islamic Association, turning down two offers from Christian churches to purchase the property. Perhaps they didn’t offer as much money. The church they sold was First Presbyterian Church (Bossier City, LA), and the steeple “was once topped by a cross.”According to the Layman, Rev. Beth Sentell, one of co-pastors of the merged congregation, “said two considerations influenced their decision to sell the church plant to the Islamic Society. First was the amount of money offered, second was the opportunity to engage in interfiath [sic] dialogue and friendship.” She and her husband, Dr. Web Sentell, “plan to invite the Islamic congregation and its imam to a church supper where the imam will field questions. Dr. Sentell said, ‘We worship the same God.'” Co-pastor J. Daniel Hignight was asked “if he would ever seek to lead a member of the Islamic Society to Jesus Christ.” He replied, “I don’t feel a particular need to convert them to Christianity.”

Read it all here. Where’s St. Nicholas when we need him?


2 Responses to “They just don’t understand…”

  1. The Common Anglican Says:

    This is such a sad story. Before long, we will be facing the same dilemma which now faces Europe.

    Love the blog, by the way.


  2. dpc+ Says:

    You’re absolutely right, Andy. This so-called “tolerance” coupled with creeping universalism is going to undo us.
    Thanks for visiting AND commenting.

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