The Times on San Joaquin

The take on San Joaquin’s Convention by the New York Times.

See how they spin…

“An Episcopal diocese in California overwhelmingly passed a series of resolutions yesterday that position it to secede from the Episcopal Church and affiliate with conservatives in the global Anglican Communion.

If the Diocese of San Joaquin affirms the move in a second vote next year, the small diocese, with 48 parishes and 7,000 members, would be the first to try to break from the Episcopal Church, which has been torn by conflict since the consecration of a gay bishop in 2003. Until now, only individual parishes have severed ties.

The vote by the diocese is one more step in a carefully planned strategy by conservative Episcopalians in the United States and primates of Anglican provinces, many in the developing world, to unite the conservatives, claim the mantle of Anglicanism and isolate the Episcopal Church, the 2.3-million-member American branch in the Anglican communion, which claims 77 million members worldwide.

The San Joaquin diocese, which does not ordain women, has long been one of the most conservative of the church’s 110 dioceses.”

The numbers are inaccurate and the throw-away phrase “which does not ordain women” is a red herring. Does the Times describe the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church as “who do not ordain women”?


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