St. Tabitha

 They still remember her
St. Tabitha

Saint Tabitha, the widow raised from the dead by the Apostle Peter, was a virtuous and kindly woman. She belonged to the Christian community in Joppa. Being grievously ill, she suddenly died. At the time, the Apostle Peter was preaching at Lydda, not far from Joppa. Messengers were sent to him with an urgent request for help. When the Apostle arrived at Joppa, Tabitha was already dead. On bended knee, St Peter made a fervent prayer to the Lord. Then he went to the bed and called out, “Tabitha, get up!” She arose, completely healed (Acts 9:36).

St Tabitha is considered the patron saint of tailors and seamstresses, since she was known for sewing coats and other garments (Acts 9:39).


8 Responses to “St. Tabitha”

  1. samantha Says:

    where was she born and when? when was her feast day what is she a patron of?

  2. dpc+ Says:

    Read more carefully samantha! Her feast day is October 25 and she is the patron of tailors and seamstresses. No one knows where or when she was born.

  3. Rebekka Says:

    when did she die?

  4. dpc+ Says:

    No one is sure Rebekka…

  5. Rosella Williams-Neilson Says:

    I am trying to find relics of St. Tabitha. Can you lead me to some places that I can locate them?

  6. dpc+ Says:

    Sorry, I am not aware of any location. And, of course, they wouldn’t be available for sale…

  7. Nicole Says:

    I’m making my confirmation and I chose Tabitha as my saint is there anymore info about her?

  8. tiffany snider Says:

    when was St. Tabitha canonized?

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