“Gall in the Family”

I love the title…
Here’s an interesting review of a not-so-interesting book. That the reviewer’s ecclesiology is not evidenced is problematic. That the reviewer is from an SBC persuasion is an indictment. That the foregone conclusion is self-evident is truly demonstrative of the “issue” of the style wars which continue among the protestants…

Here’s a snippet:

So missional churches are “seeker friendly,” even “seeker driven,” but with a different audience in mind. While Willow Creek and Saddleback are friendly to the suburban seeker, Ecclesia is friendly to the urban seeker of the postmodern sort.

And it would seem that the litmus test for missional friendliness is an amiable, nonjudgmental stance toward homosexuals, indeed toward homosexuality. Accordingly, over the protests of their father, Chris and Brian maintain that they would be perfectly happy for a lesbian couple to “join their community,” and not just attend the church. To think other-wise is to risk Chris’s easy charge of hatred.

Along the way, the image-conscious Chris is quick to assign aesthetic demerits to the “mullet” hair, pastels, and sequined shirts of the “Church Growth Gang,” to the “mostly polyester” shirt of an anti-abortion spokesman, and to Branson, Missouri music, which reminds him of “the seventh circle of hell with golden bathroom fixtures.” Proper styling is big with the missional crowd.


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