And where is the outrage?

Not only is there no outrage, there is not even mention… Whatever they are, their’s is definitely not “a religion of peace…”

Orthodox priest kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq
By StatGuy

Father Boulos Iskander, a Syrian Orthodox priest, was kidnapped three days ago in Mosul, Iraq. Even though his family paid the ransom demanded by his Muslim kidnappers, his beheaded and dismembered corpse was found last night.

Father Boulos Iskander, 59, was snatched off a Mosul street on Monday afternoon (October 9) while searching for car parts at local mechanic shops. The Muslim kidnappers telephoned the priest’s oldest son soon afterwards, demanding $350,000 ransom from the family. After negotiations in several more calls, the kidnappers gradually reduced their demands to $40,000 but added another stipulation: that the priest’s church must publicly repudiate Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks about Islam in his lecture in Germany last month.

The family managed to raise and pay the ransom, and the St. Ephram parish of the Syrian Orthodox Church placed 30 large signboards on walls around the city, distancing itself from the pontiff’s comments. But then the telephone calls stopped. Fr. Iskander’s dismembered body was discovered last night (October 11) at about 7 p.m. in the remote Tahrir City district, two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the center of Mosul.

Fr Iskander is survived by his wife and four children.

This is only one in an escalating series of attacks on Iraqi Christians during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. A Christian doctor was ambushed and killed. A Chaldean Catholic church in Baghdad was surrounded and fired upon; fortunately, no one was injured. An armed attack on the convent of the Iraqi Dominican Sisters in Mosul also caused no injuries. Two car bombs set off near Baghdad’s Assyrian Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary, however, killed four and wounded fourteen. The Church of the Holy Spirit in Mosul was attacked on two consecutive days, sending a guard to hospital.

Kidnappers are also targeting Christian young women and girls.

Last Sunday two young Christian women were abducted but under different circumstances: one at home as her helpless family could do nothing but watch; the other, at an open market where four armed men spirited her away in a car leaving behind a distraught mother.

It is believed that, in the last two weeks, 12 Iraqi Christian girls and young women have been kidnapped. Some were raped by their abductors.

Christians in Baghdad and Mosul are living in fear.


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