a quick glimpse into a problem

Several years ago I got into a huge misunderstanding once with a woman who didn’t have the courtesy to remove her sunglasses (the big round ugly fashion type) once when she was talking with me about something. So I understand some of what the Minister is concerned for. Is this merely a cultural defect of ours? Should we learn how to “read people” by other means? Quite probably. I hear from people that my beard is not much different… I wonder if Mr. Straw would have me shave… But the reason why I put this article here is to draw your attention to the most tell-tale part of the article. Go read it all and note the “matter-of-fact” nature of the reporting and how there is no comment regarding the horrible nature of what it portends… (The emphasis is mine and, imho, there’s no such thing as “through peaceful means” in a religion of the sword.)

“The protestations were amplified just weeks ago, when John Reid, the home secretary, urged Muslims to watch their children for the “telltale signs” of radicalism, prompting some to say the government was trying to persuade Muslims to spy on their offspring.

“The Muslim community does not need lessons in dress from Jack Straw, any more than it needs lessons in parenting from John Reid,” said Nazreen Nawaz, a spokeswoman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical group that says it seeks pan-Islamic rule through peaceful means. Her remarks were part of a chorus of vehement protests from Islamic groups on Friday.”


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