“The Episcopal Majority” (sic)

One of the gravest difficulties that I’ve encountered in this battle/war/crisis/”time of indisposition” that we’re in has been rank ignorance. Now, please don’t be offended, yet. I’m not referring to the plethora of opinions which abound. Rather, I’m suggesting that much of our difficulties spring from the lack of knowledge of others. If you’re exposed to a group you tend to compare your thoughts to that group. But if the group you’re comparing your thoughts to is not representative of the whole then you’ve got a problem. And, perhaps worse, when you assume that your thoughts are representative of the whole–and they’re not–then there’s a real problem.
So, in the interest of expanding knowledge and raising our eyes above the little crowd that has gathered in this corner, let’s go look at this: http: The Episcopal Majority.
There are two responses: We should be afraid. Very afraid.
Or we should expose ourselves to even more of the theology and ministry of the Real Church.
Either way, I’ll be praying for you as you go and read what the heretics “heterodox” are writing.

ps: did you notice that they’re not content to sit back and discuss? They’re not willing to just kick back and talk this out. And they haven’t been for quite a while. No. They’re activists. And again, look around at the landscape of the Episcopal Church (TEC): they’ve been quite busy and they’ve been quite successful.


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