Episcopal Church head says split would cause chaos

There are so many problems with what Griswold says in this article… The fact that Griswold doesn’t understand how the current crisis in TEC’s theology has already gutted the mission of the Church is also realized here… The fact that Conlon calls the Communion a “Federation” underscores his misunderstanding (or the misunderstanding of whoever it was that “schooled him”) on the situation and compliments the American protestant “going it alone” mentality of those whose ecclesiology is not catholic and orthodox. 

By Michael Conlon
Thursday, September 28, 2006; 1:24 PM

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A suggestion by African, Asian and Latin American Anglican bishops that the Episcopal Church be turned into two churches because of disputes over gay issues would lead to chaos, the head of the U.S. church said on Thursday.

Frank Griswold, presiding bishop of the 2.4-million-member Episcopal Church, said a communique issued on September 22 from Kigali, Rwanda, by conservative bishops of a group known as the Global South “raises profound questions about the nature of the church, its ordering and its oversight.”
But Griswold, in a formal response posted on Thursday by the Episcopal News Service, said he believes “such a division would open the way to multiple divisions across other provinces of the Communion, and any sense of a coherent mission would sink into chaos.”

The 77-million-member Worldwide Anglican Communion, a loose federation of national churches around the world, is struggling to hold together its liberal minority and the conservative majority vigorously opposed to the Robinson consecration.

Griswold, who supported the choice of Robinson, said the statement from the other primates appeared to be an effort to undermine the dialogue and discussion that has been under way ever since the Anglican leadership criticized the U.S. church in the Windsor Report, a document which asked for an apology.

The Anglican leadership has been pressuring the U.S. church to promise not to consecrate any more gay bishops. At its meeting in June, the Episcopal Church adopted a nonbinding resolution that fell well short of a full promise.

The conservative bishops meeting in Kigali also raised questions about Katharine Jefferts Schori, who will succeed Griswold and become the first woman to head a branch of the Anglican church when she is installed in November as presiding bishop.

“I have sought to bring to the primates’ meetings the wide range of opinions and the consequent tensions within our own church,” Griswold said. “I have every confidence that Katharine will do the same.”

At the Kigali meeting the bishops said, “We are convinced that time has now come to take initial steps toward the formation of what will be recognized as separate ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican communion in the USA” for those who opposed the Robinson elevation and the blessing of same sex unions.

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