Sad? yes…

An ad campaign in England is trying to increase interest in “things spiritual”…
jesus image on beer glass

George Martin (of what used to be called the Episcopal Ad Project) has moved out of my present sphere of acquaintances. But there was a time when we saw one another fairly regularly. I have always been keenly interested in his ability to see advertising as evangelism. In fact, I’d even admit that his thoughts in this regard have influenced me to think boldly and more creatively. We ought to take risks in presenting the gospel and we should be willing to pay the price if we will not count the cost… I’ve occasionally advocated putting a button onporn sites linking them to a place of help and healing. This is the same sort of attitude that would have trained evangelists working the bar and saloon scene on Saturday nights. That’s what the gospel asks of us, isn’t it? Seek out the lost sheep?

Still, without more verbage, without more explanation, without an invitiation, I think this ad is missing something.

Even if I should see the face of Jesus in a bowl of spaghetti, that isn’t going to make
me want to change my life or join the church, which is the only way real reconciliation with God and restoration can take place.

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