it isn’t too much to ask…



2 Responses to “it isn’t too much to ask…”

  1. Susanna Says:

    Is it? Too much to ask of whom? Priest or congregation? It begs the question, is there just one God though we all celebrate him differently and it’s only Him that matters? Or does it matter the approach to His throne? Is there a “right” way to celebrate Him?

  2. dpc+ Says:

    GREAT questions! For starters, go down further and look at the ecclesiology outline (ecclesiology: what we believe about “the Church”). I think it DOES matter, especially of those of us who are supposed to know better and who have a responsiblity for being pastors who lead their sheep by fresh, safe, life giving waters and who protect those same sheep from the errors of wandering off and getting themselves into trouble. One of the biggest problems we pastors have today is that the sheep think they know it all and that it is their decision where they go and what they do. Jesus said that He hoped they would all be in one flock and that He would be their Shepherd…. Oh I could go on and on… ;–)

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