Everyone you meet…

An acquaintance of mine over at Pontifications has written a short blurb, “Everyone you meet was sent to you for your salvation.”
I’m thinking this must be the pericardium around the heart of what we do at the Eucharist. I’ve tweeked this, but what follows is an adaptation of his thoughts:

everyone who came to his church was sent there by God and was intended to be orthodox: a true believer, hence his only task was to practice hospitality. Having meditated on the subject he’s given it a little different take. He tells the people of his parish, “Everyone who comes through our doors is sent here for our salvation.” That is a significantly different perspective than I’ve had on people coming to church. Very often we assume that God is doing something in their lives and they are coming because they need us. Perhaps. Perhaps it is because God knows we need them. Only God knows. But we can affirm without hesitation that they come for our salvation. And this is far different than thinking that we are here for their salvation. Again, God alone knows that. It seems very risky if we think that we are God’s gift to the world. It’s not healthy to think of ourselves in such terms. However, it is extremely healthy to recognize that everyone who comes, including the unlovely, the obnoxious, the needy and the irritating, were all sent from God and they are here for our salvation.”


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