The Body

“this is my body”
a vision by david+

Deuteronomy 4:29; 6:5; Matthew 5:8
At the heart: warm, passionate, loving,
Throbbing with the joy and the verve that make the Body live!
Alive, they long for life in every extremity.
Alive, they serve that Life which they know exists in others:
the spark, the energy of God’s very Self.
Even their breath is a vehicle for the Holy Spirit’s brooding
And fashioning of the chaos into the Father’s desire.
They seek and serve; they minister and missionize. They are His foot soldiers
And generals and captains and handmaidens and slaves.
They do because of who they are;
They do because they know Whose they are.
They do because they are human and are not satisfied to merely be made in His image and likeness.
They are at the heart and of His heart
Warm and passionate and loving: they give. They live!

Ephesians 4.15
And the head. All mind and mouth
and ears and eyes and nostrils: they are windows and doors
for the wonder of His world to be taken in and praised.
Apprehended and apprized, the knowledge and wisdom and insight,
the plan, the scheme, the thought: the idea of how and, often, what
are worked via the head’s brain. Organ of thought which is
Blessing and Curse. Rational and afraid, deep and dense.
Open to fantasy and yet sometimes shut to Mystery.
“Show me,” “prove it,” “we’ve never done that before.”
“I doubt it.” Thank God for the head or we’d be duped.
Thank God for the head or we’d be laughing stocks!
And, yet, Help, Lord! We’re stuck: we can’t, we won’t, we didn’t, don’t, we mustn’t!… Or
Why not? What if? But… However, still, couldn’t we, shouldn’t we, mustn’t we?
Ah! the head: all mind and mouth…
and ears and eyes and nostrils. May they be opened!

1Corinthians 12:14
And the ancillary, supporting members:
they belong, re-membered from diaspora, from dreams, from ennui,
from escape, from passivity, from prejudice.
Feet to go and hands to do and hold; arms to move and backs to bend
knees to bow and hips to shake and hold those hands
which get fussy when the head and the heart
don’t see together… aren’t united….
The organs process what comes in and transform worldliness into life.
The limbs process what is ordered and transform commandments into life.
The whole functions together and as one
The Body believes and becomes and behaves
together, cohesive, diverse and yet in union
As God Who is what He is;
As God Who will be what He will be: Union, Holy, Community, Persons, One and Trinity.

Matthew 5:30, Romans 6:6
On the fringe, buzzing and burrowing: angry old fowl and spurious young ticks.
They peck with their dull beaks and they bury their heads
Until the Body bleeds. Not from the flesh being damaged so much as
from the deep inner wounds where they inflict much more hurt.
“They don’t know better.” “Consider their hard, hard lives.”
“They’ve pecked or been pecked for years and years and years and years.”
“They don’t know better:” “oh, that’s their way and we’ve always put up with them.”
These lies make poor excuse, for those who could be
Wise, gracious, grand, bold, helpful and so full of life and experience that they might share,
teach and help and mentor and coach and guide and lead and encourage.
And be a helpful part of the Body—perhaps for the first time? Perhaps again…
“They don’t know better.” And so others suffer. They do not have a care, for they are
Foul, angry and on the fringe. Old or young, they are Parasitic,
taking without offering, the antithesis, they are not:
not part of the Body. They are not alive;
they are not.

Ephesians 4:15&16
What does it take for all to work
together, in concert, with, for, on behalf of The Body?
What does it take for the vision, the commitment, the compassion
and the ability to overlook the petty, small inconveniences which distract and disturb
in order for the whole to be all, do all and become all that He wants and intends us to be?
We must grow up
in every way
into Him Who is the head,
into Christ,
from Whom The Whole Body, joined and knit together
by every ligament with which it is equipped,
as each part is working properly,
promotes the Body’s growth in building itself up in love.

Do this for the remembrance of Me…


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